Gower peninsula where to stay? (2024)

Gower peninsula where to stay?

With cliffs and woodlands ringed by sparkling beaches, the Gower peninsula is so adored by walkers, birdwatchers, sunbathers and surfers, it's been scooping awards ever since.

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Is Gower worth visiting?

With cliffs and woodlands ringed by sparkling beaches, the Gower peninsula is so adored by walkers, birdwatchers, sunbathers and surfers, it's been scooping awards ever since.

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Can you swim in Gower Peninsula?

The Gower Peninsula is a captivating destination known for its pristine and untouched beaches and coves. These beaches boast excellent water quality, making them ideal for swimming and other water activities.

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How many castles are in Gower?

There are six castles on the Gower Peninsula: Landimore Castle—also known as Bovehill Castle—Oystermouth Castle, Oxwich Castle, Pennard Castle, Penrice Castle, Weobley Castle and numerous cairns and standing stones.

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Where to live in Gower Peninsula?

Gower Peninsular Area Guide
  • Oxwich. Oxwich is one of Gowers most picturesque villages typified by thatch roofed cottages, quaint shops, beachside hotel, Michelin star restaurant and surrounded by the Penrice estate with castle remains, marshes and lakes. ...
  • Southgate. ...
  • Langland. ...
  • Llangennith. ...
  • Llanrhidian. ...
  • Directions.

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What is the best base in the Gower Peninsula?

Mumbles is the largest village in the Gower and as good a base as any for visiting the peninsular. For those who like some bright lights after a hard day in the open air, its main advantage compared with the rest of the Gower is its wide choice of amenities and nightlife.

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How long does it take to walk around Gower?

Gower Coast Path in 4 to 7 Days — Contours Walking Holidays. Hike the Gower Peninsula at your own pace on a circular self-guided walking holiday.

Gower peninsula where to stay? (2024)
Is it safe to swim at Three Cliffs Bay?

This is one of our most beautiful beaches, but nature can be wild too – watch out for strong tides and currents at all times. Because of this, we advise against swimming or participating in watersports at Three Cliffs Bay.

Is it safe to swim at Rhossili Bay?

The beach is safe for swimming, but take care to avoid the protruding remains of the Norwegian barque, Helvetia, still buried in the sand since her demise in 1887.

Is it safe to swim at Oxwich Bay?

It is a safe beach for swimming, but do not swim directly in front of the slipway as this is the boat area. You can walk across the great expanse of sand towards Tor Bay and Three Cliffs Bay and on a low tide you can walk as far as Pobbles Bay.

Is the Gower same as Mumbles?

Mumbles marks the beginning of the Gower Peninsula's coastline. It's a well-loved area of Swansea, and when you go there, it's clear to see why!

What is Mumbles known for?

With a colourful history ranging from a battled-over castle through to the legendary 'Mumbles Mile', Mumbles today is all about good coffee, independent shops, and classic piers-and-promenade seaside fun. Also lots of ice cream!

What is the quietest beach in Gower?

Blue pool bay is a secluded but charming bay tucked away on the north west tip of the Gower. Its remoteness and lack of access make this one of the quietest beaches on the Peninsula.

What are the three castles in Wales?

The Three Castles — Grosmont, Skenfrith and White Castle — stand in the open countryside of Monmouthshire, where the valley of the river Monnow creates a gap in the natural defences of the southern Welsh border.

Why is the Gower called the Gower?

GOWER is the anglicised form of GŴYR [GWHYR], Welsh for 'crooked, curved', prob. referring to the shape of the peninsula. Gower is a place-name, a name for an old territorial unit, and therefore should not be preceded by the definite article. One can of course refer to the Gower coast or to the Gower peninsula.

What is the island at the end of the Gower peninsula?

A trip to Gower wouldn't be complete without a walk to Worms Head. Worms Head or Penrhyn Gwyr as it is referred to in Welsh is a tidal island just off the coast at Rhossili. Access to Worms Head is for about 2.5 hours either side of low tide.

Which beach is best for family on Gower?

Caswell Bay, Gower

The first two beaches you hit on the drive out of Swansea – Langland and Caswell – are also the two most family-friendly on Gower, with all the facilities you need.

Is the Gower peninsula a good place to live?

There are holiday lets (too many for some locals) but there's also a sense of community. “I've lived in different parts of Wales and Gower feels lived in,” Tom O'Kane says. “For teenagers, it's lovely. They can surf, work as lifeguards and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle without feeling cut off.

Where does the Gower peninsula start and end?

The 19 mile-long Peninsula starts at Mumbles and extends westwards. It's famous for its jaw-dropping coastline and beaches (from vast Rhossili Bay to cosy and secluded Pwll Du), and is a favourite destination for walkers and surfers.

How far to walk around the Gower Peninsula?

Distance 38 miles / 61km. The Swansea Bay and Gower section of the Wales coast path extends from Swansea Port and the SA1 Waterfront in the east around the beautiful Gower peninsular to Loughor in the west. The map in this leaflet shows all the rights of way in Gower.

How long is Mumbles walk?

The route runs for a distance of just over 4 miles on a undulating coastal path, passing Langland Bay on the way. The walk starts from the information point near Oystermouth Castle in the Mumbles. You can then follow the coast path south to Mumbles Head and Limeslade.

Where does the Gower Coastal Path start?

Path Type:Other Paths
Attributes:Challenging Coastal
Start:SS563980 - Loughor, Swansea
Finish:SS616881 - Newton, Swansea
Web Sites:Wales Coast Path - Carmarthenshire Bay and Gower

How long is Three Cliffs Bay walk?

This moderate-level, six-mile walk explores the very best of Three Cliffs Bay and the surrounding coastline.

Is Swansea Beach Safe?

Our patrolled beaches, with the exception of Swansea Bay, have been awarded Blue Flag status based on their water quality and cleanliness, as well as meeting other criteria. Make sure you check the tide times before you visit as the tide can come in fast and you may get cut off. If you are not sure ask the lifeguard.

How clean is Swansea Beach?

Swansea beach is one of eight designated beaches in the county where bathing water is sampled and tested between May and September. Swansea beach is the only one with a "good" rating; the others are "excellent".


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