My son claimed himself on his tax returns (2024)

Not necessarily. If you can still claim him as your dependent, you should. And there are steps for your son to take if your want to claim him. If you don't qualify to claim him, yes, delete his information on your tax return.

If you do qualify to claim him: Ifyour son claimed himself on his tax return, your return will be rejected if youalso So, please be surethat he amends his return and indicates that he is or will be claimed bysomeone else (you).Please note that amendment takes about 16 weeksto be processed.

Therefore, you have two options:

  1. File your return without your sonas a dependent, wait until your son’s amendment is processed, then amend your own and claim the child.
  2. Wait for your son’s amended return to be processed by the IRS, then file yours with your sonas your dependent.

I amincluding a link that explains amending in Turbo Tax in detail.

I'malso includinga link to the IRS website, “Where’s my Amended Return”…it’s a great tool, where your son can tract the status of his amended return:

My son claimed himself on his tax returns (2024)


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