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The one thing you need, when one thing goes wrong

Oh buoy! When you're out at seathere are plenty of things that can go wrong. From food poisoning, a missed portor even needinghelicopter evacuation - getting cruise insurance is vital to cover you from ship to shore.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (3) Medical Costs

Medical costs on a cruise can be veryexpensive.Relax knowing you're covered from ship to shore with unlimited medical cover and emergency assistance.

Trip Cancellation*

If you get sick or injured or are forced to cancel pre-paid travel plans, we'll cover any cancellation fees or lost deposits.

Lost belongings

We cover up to $15,000 worth of luggage and personal effects so you can travel with all yourfavouritethings.

Weather Delays

Ifyou miss yourcruise due tobad weather, we'll cover additional accommodation and travelexpenses to get you to the nearest port.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (7)

Family Emergencies

Hitting the high seas without loved ones can be daunting, but we can assist to keep you connected with family if things don’t go as planned.

Formal Wear

Formal attire is required on some cruises for certain events. Weprovide cover if your expensive clothing gets damaged, lost or stolen.

Cabin Confinement*

No one wants to think about getting sick on holidays. But if you do and are stuck in your cabin, we'll cover you.

Missed Departure

  • If you miss your cruise departure, you may be covered for the costs to get on at the next port so that you canenjoy your holiday.

It is important to read the PDSto understand the terms of the policy as limits and exclusions apply.

*Please Note: There is no trip cancellation or cabin confinement cover arising due to COVID-19.

Understand our Covid Cover

Learn about our Covid Medical Cover

Add Cruise to your cover

  • To be covered while cruising with 1Cover you must purchase our Cruise Pack during the online quote process.
  • The Cruise Pack gives you the following benefits:

  • - Emergency Medical and Hospital cover
    - Medical Evacuation-ship to shore
    -Pre-Paid Shore Excursions Cancellation
    - Missed Cruise Departure
    - Cabin Confinement/Loss of Enjoyment
    - Missed Port Cover
    - Formal Attire Cover
    - Formal Attire Delay Allowance

  • Our policies include coverage for medical costs onboard the cruise, but no cover for pre-trip cancellation or additional expenses arising due to COVID-19.Learn more about domestic travel insurance and see full benefits in our PDS.

Awarded Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance

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Cruise Insurance FAQs

  • Do I have to purchase the cruise pack to be covered?
  • Yes, you are not covered out at sea if you do not purchase the Cruise Pack. You must add it to both Domestic & International cruises.

  • Will My Policy Cover Me for Medical Evacuation Off the Ship?
  • Yes, if you’re seriously ill or injured in a remote location (including onboard a ship) and need urgent medical assistance, you should contact ourEmergency Assistance Team.Our medical experts will liaise with the medical team onboard the ship and arrange an evacuation for you to the nearest or most suitable hospital for your treatment.

    If you're within Australia, once you’re transported to a location where an ambulance or Royal Flying Doctor Service can pick you up, your Medicare card or private health insurance can be used for any medical expenses that you incur. Policy terms, conditions and limitations such as pre-existing medical conditions apply.

  • Will My Policy Cover Me Medically on a Domestic Cruise?
  • Yes, in the event a medical emergency onboard your cruise, you would be covered for your medical provided that you added the Cruise Pack on to your policy. If your cruise is along the Australian coastline or within Australian waters, you would need to select the Comprehensive Policy with Cruise Pack add-on. This includes the benefits of an overseas policy (including medical) as well as the benefits of the Cruise Pack. You should choose the Australia Cruise or Domestic Cruise region for your destination. Whilst in port or travelling domestically on land, there’s no cover for medical costs (including out-of-pocket expenses) in Australia under your policy. Once your ship leaves port, even if you're cruising Australian waters, you’re no longer covered for hospital or medical expenses by Medicare or your private health care provider. Your policy will cover you for emergency medical expenses incurred on-board the ship whilst cruising. Basically, where you can use your Medicare Card or private health insurance to cover your medical expenses or hospitalisation, there’s no medical cover.

  • Will Medicare Cover Me On A Cruise In Australian Waters?
  • No, once your ship leaves port, even if you're cruising Australian waters, you’re no longer covered for hospital or medical expenses by Medicare or your private health care provider, meaning they won't cover any expenses incurred on-board the ship.

    Ifyour cruise is in Australian waters, you would need to select a Comprehensive policy with Cruise Pack add-on, choosing the Australia Cruise region. This includes the benefits of an overseas policy (including medical) as well as the benefits of the Cruise Pack.

  • Can I Buy A Medical Only Policy a Cruise?
  • Our Medical Only policy does not offer the Cruise Pack add-on.To be covered while on your cruise, you’ll need to add the Cruise Pack to your Comprehensive, Frequent Traveller and Already Overseas policy. The Medical Only policy won't cover you on a cruise.

  • How Much Is Healthcare On-Board A Cruise?
  • While on-board a cruise medical costs are quite expensive. Hospital bills can be as much as $5,000 per day.Simple treatments, consultations and medications on board a ship are charged at private rates. This can mean that a doctor’s appointment can be as much as $100.

  • What Destination Do I Choose when buying my policy?
  • Please refer to the Cruise Region list on this page. If you’re going on a cruise, you must select the region/s based on the countries the ship will visit.

    Travellers on domestic cruises in Australian waters should select the Australia Cruise region to ensure cover for such things as emergency medical assistance and emergency medical and hospital expenses, cancellation fees or lost deposits, and more.

  • What Happens If I Come Home Early?
  • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip as stated on your Certificate of Insurance. There are no refunds if you come home earlier than planned. This is stated in thePDS.

  • How do I claim for missed port cover?
  • If your cruise has been affected and you wish to make a claim for missed ports, the best way to do this is using our online claim form: When submitting your claim, please select the benefit type "Other". You will need to provide a copy of your itinerary and a letter from the cruise ship specifying the ports missed and the reason for the missed ports. Please Note: a) our missed ports benefit amount is $250 per missed port, per adult listed on the policy. b) The missed port benefit is capped at a total benefit limit of $750 per Adult. c) A $200 excess applies per policy per event (not per person or per port).

  • Does Cruise travel insurance come with covid cover?
  • Our policies cover for medical coverage if you test positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and require medical treatment whilst on your cruise internationally and domestically. However a cruise pack must be purchased in order to be covered. We do not cover for any cancellation costs or additional costs incurred because of Coronavirus, or for cabin confinement due to Coronavirus.

  • Do you cover for river cruises?
  • You are required to purchase additional cruise insurance for river cruises. Whilst river cruises will have teams onboard to deal with certain medical situations, you will need travel insurance to cover medical expenses onboard as well as medical evacuation should you need it.

  • My cruise stops at multiple destinations. Do I need to list them all?
  • You should include all destination countries you'll be visiting, however, you can select a region if you are making multiple stops within the same area. For example, you can choose ‘South Pacific’ or ‘Europe’ or ‘USA’ depending if you are going on a Pacific, Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise. If unsure, list all destinations separately.

  • What is considered a cruise ship?
  • A cruise ship is defined as a ‘Cruise Vessel’ which is a large ship that carries people on voyages for the purpose of leisure travel, typically but not limited to docking temporarily at several ports and places. Please see the PDS for full terms, conditions and definitions.

  • Do I need cruise cover for a harbour cruise or boat transportation?
  • No, you do not typically need to add the cruise pack if you are going on a tourist day boat trip for example or if you are getting on a boat for transport to get you from A to B. We define cruising as a large ship that carries people on voyages for the purpose of leisure travel, typically but not limited to docking temporarily at several ports and places.Please see the PDS for full terms, conditions and definitions.

  • Can seniors buy cruise travel insurance?
  • Seniors can purchase the cruise pack at any age. However, if you are aged 80 years old or above, a $3,000 Excess applies for all claims arising from, related to or associated with an Injury, Illness or medical condition.


Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (13)

Domestic Cruising

If you're on a domestic cruise within Australian waters you are no longer covered by Medicare. Add the Cruise Pack to your quoteto ensureyou're covered for emergency medical expenses onboard the ship as well as evacuation to shore should the need arise.

Table of Benefits - Cruise Travel Insurance

Explore our table of benefits below to see all the cover provided by our cruise travel insurance policies.
See the PDS for thefull list of benefits or get your instant quote now.

Policy BenefitOverseas - Comprehensive/
Frequent Traveller
Frequent Traveller Domestic

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^



Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^*


Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)^



Resumption Of Journey^*



Hospital Cash Allowance^*



Repatriation Of Remains



Permanent Disability^*



Loss of Income^*



Credit Card Fraud & Replacement^



Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques^



Theft Of Cash^#



Luggage & Personal Effects*



Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses^



Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses*



Includes Family Emergency*



Includes Emergency Companion Cover*



Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits*



Disruption Of Journey*



Alternative Transport Expenses^



Personal Liability#

$5 million

$5 million

Domestic Pets^*



Domestic Services^*



Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess#*


cruise packCruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (14)
Pre Paid Shore Excursions Cancellation^^


Missed Cruise Departure^^



Cabin Confinement/Loss of Enjoyment^^*


Missed Port Cover^^


Formal Attire Cover^^*


Formal Attire Delay Allowance^^



Choose your Cruise Region

When you purchase your cruise travel insurance, you’ll need to select the correct region so that you’re covered properly on your holiday.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (15)

Arctic / Antarctic / Alaska

Choose this region if you’re sailing Alaska, the Antarctic, Arctic and/or Greenland.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (16)


Asia covers Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Central Asia, & Indonesia (including Bali).

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (17)

Europe (Including Europe River)

This option excludes the Mediterranean, but includes the UK.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (18)

Mediterranean, Middle East,Africa

If you select this option, you’ll be covered for all of Europe, plus the Mediterranean, Middle East & Africa.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (19)

New Zealand

Select this option if you’re only sailing within New Zealand waters.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (20)


If you’re taking a domestic cruise within Australia (includes Norfolk Island).

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (21)

South Pacific

All South Pacific Nations Including Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, PNG, French Polynesia, Solomon Islands (you will also be covered for Australia and New Zealand).

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (22)


North America,
Central America,
South America,or if you’re cruising more than one region on this list.

Tailor yourCruise Insurance

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (23)

Choose your Excess

You can choose the excess that best suits you. Opting for a lower excess means you’ll pay less if you need to claim.

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Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (24)

High-Value Items Cover

If you’re taking certain valuable items on board, you might want to purchase extra cover for them. Note: the item must be purchased within 12 months of buying your policy, and exclusions apply.

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Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (25)

Additional Rental Vehicle Excess

It’s common to hire a car when the ship has docked in a new location.We offer automatic rental excess cover of $5,000, but you can increase this to $8,000.

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Our emergency assistance team are available to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, nomatter where you are in world.

Medical Cover

We have a robust medicalscreening process to cover many medical conditions. We automatically cover 35conditionsfor free.

Fast Claims

Use our fast and innovative online claims formto get your claims paid quickly.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia | 1Cover (35)

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If you have any other questions or queries, please visit our Contact Us page. If you are experiencing an emergency, please use the details on our Emergency Assistance page.

The one thing you need
when one thing goes wrong

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